People are Genuine.

Forget all the negative comments on youtube, forget all the people who talk shit behind their friends back, and listen to this. People are genuine, and amazing, people have brilliant minds, and when we all come together and except each other for who we are, and what we can do, we can and will accomplish amazing things.

Why, I ask, do people work for minimum wage for a wealthy and profitable company, just so they can buy a shiny new Iphone that costs 7 bucks to make in China, or a new HD TV that’s so damn real you thought those weird Avatar fuckers were gonna jump through that screen. Here’s a thought, open the door and step the fuck into life, talk to someone you wouldn’t normally talk to, have a little spring in your step, if someones negative around you, that’s there problem, but your happy, and your trying to make those around you happier and that’s pretty damn cool.

You know what I love about people recently, that we’re finally standing up for ourselves. The Occupy Wall Street movement is amazing, and I really think we are on the verge of something great in terms of the lower and middle class people joining together to take on those in power. The whole idea of this “economy” that protects mining and oil companies while leaving hard working people scrambling for entry level jobs is backasswards. Don’t you think it’s messed up that we get to vote for two people that are chosen to potentially run a country, but we never get to vote on the issues and laws that they implement?

A lot will happen in this decade, the world’s not ending this year, but it could be the year that the people get a voice. We are starting to stand up and be heard. Something amazing happened recently, one that at first temporarily killed my ambition, and then backed my belief that there are a lot of amazing people out there, and while the voice of one rich person might be loud, it can be rivaled by thousands of people when we scream together. What spurred this article is what happened in a wrestling ring, over the past two days.

Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan), is the best professional wrestler in the world, and anyone who thinks differently would need a well thought out argument. Wrestlemania is the largest wrestling event of the year by far, the super bowl, the world series of wrestling. Danielson went into the event with the world title. It’s the dream of any wrestler, or wannabe wrestler, to headline the main event of Wrestlemania. His was one of two main titles. Somewhat oddly, they started the show with his title fight. Well, I’ll cut to the chase. Danielson lost the match, and the world title, in 18 seconds…

You might want to grab a beer out of the fridge, cause someone just shit in the punchbowl.

To have a world title taken away from you (Wrestling is planned out like an IVF Transformer Baby) in 18 seconds at the biggest show of the year is unheard of, and despite the fact that it was April Fools Day, it was a giant slap in the face of Danielson, who has spent over a decade on the independent scene before making it to the WWE. I haven’t watched wrestling in a while, but tuned in mainly to see Danielson finally get a chance at Mania, only to have it taken away. I knew I wasn’t the only one who was livid over this, and god damn was I ever right. People power would show itself the following night, at Monday Night Raw.

The Raw show the night after Mania is huge, and this was absolutely no exception. But here is what restored my faith that honest, hard working people will eventually be rewarded. During the majority of this 2 hour show, and especially in the important segments, people were chanting out for Daniel Bryan, chanting his name, and especially his catch phrase “Yes” (Keep it simple, right?).

The best way I can describe it to a non wrestling fan is if you were watching a Super Bowl between the Packers and the Steelers, and there were a shit load of 49’ers fans there screaming for them to come onto the field and play, and I really don’t think that’s an exaggeration.

It was fucking amazing. This is where we are at right now in western civilization, we’re just sick of sitting back and accepting things as they are, we’re starting to realize that together our voice can be heard, and I know that a fucking wrestling show doesn’t seem like a fantastic metaphor, in the grand scheme of things there’s more important shit going on in the world, but I really feel that this works with where were at right now. *

*Quick Note: I don’t consider anything in western society to be a “big problem”, getting shot at daily is a big problem, having your family killed and fighting starvation is a big problem, what we have going on is pretty minimal, but I guess it’s enough to write about occasionally.

For whatever reason, the people with power didn’t want Bryan to succeed, they didn’t want to give him the spotlight, so the fans spoke for him.

If nothing else, take this home with you, no one can bury your sacrifice, no one can destroy the hours and months and years of hard work you put into something. You’ve gotta stick to your guns and not give a fuck about the people in your ear telling you that your nothing, I’m just learning this myself, but if you really put it into action, then you have no choice but to take giant leaps towards your goals. If your a good person and are passionate about what you do, some day, people will take notice.

Remember this, for every person that’s in your ear telling you NO, somewhere out there are 10 people saying YES, YES, YES…


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