Some People Just Don’t Get It

This is a repost from a photography based blog of mine. I wrote this 8 months ago, I hope you can find something in here that’s food for thought or motivating in some way.

Squinting, I close my eyes tight as if I’m trying to squeeze some sort of exotic bug that’s trying to fly in between my eye lashes, but it’s no use, my dreams will have to wait for another night. I turn on the TV to see what time it is, to my surprise I see that it’s 8am, I’m unemployed and got no bills to do anything to suave, but I’m up at 8… Alright. So I’m watching sunrise, and the first story that’s on is about an Aussie women that set a new record for the longest solo ocean swim, it took over 40 hours in the water, but she swam 108 km’s between two islands, being trailed by sharks most of the way, as well as swallowing a jelly fish. This is a phenomenal feat for any human being that’s not sporting a horse heart or gills. But the real kicker for me, was that this woman was 48.

With a story like this, a round table discussion was in the cards, the host has three women who he brings on each week to talk about different topics, all middle age family types by the looks of things. With a fellow woman that’s older than the three of them, you would expect them to praise this woman as an inspiration, that anything can be achieved through hard work, but that’s just not what went down. Straight away they started chuckling to themselves, jumping all over the fact that this woman has grand kids, saying that she should be back home with them, asking why she would even think about doing something like this. In what’s meant to be a debate style segment, I’ve never seen three people shit over someone’s accomplishment as much as they were able to in about 90 seconds. Were these people jealous? Were they bitter that their lives may seem mundane compared to this woman’s accomplishment? That’s not for me to say, only they can answer those questions. What really stuck with me though was when the topic was brought up for discussion, they all laughed.

A week rolls by, and last night I found myself at the Banff Mountain Film Festival. This is a night where they show a selection of short films based around different adventure sports, Mountain Biking, Kayaking off waterfalls, Rock Climbing without ropes, basically anything that requires a balls out mentality. Watching people free solo up incredible pieces of rock, or kayak off a waterfall that’s over 100 feet tall, I was grinning ear to ear the entire time, these people are fucking incredible. With this fact lacing my mind though I could still sense others in the theater who would label these people insane, rather than incredible. Throughout this amazing display of talent and mental control I noticed something familiar from the audience. Each time someone would do something that an average person would consider death defying, there it was again, it was the sound of laughter.

These fuckers are laughing? While this guy kayaks down 189ft of waterfall, you’ve gotta be kidding me. But that’s the kicker, this is the normal reaction of people when they see another person doing something that they themselves would never in a million years consider doing. It’s not a comedic laughter, the laughter is based around astonishment, these people cannot believe that there is a human being, no differently built than you and I, ascending the face of a mountain with no safety net, no lifeline, it’s not the norm to be doing. Fact is, some people just don’t get it, they can’t see why or how someone would put themselves in that position in the first place, they just don’t have that mentality, and that’s completely cool, if everyone spent their lives hanging from a rock face or BASE jumping off a cliff still in their work suit on a Friday afternoon, it would probably be a brutal new form of natural selection. I know this personally from dealing with my own thoughts as well as others observing others, sometimes people cannot, or will not put themselves through what it takes mentally to achieve great things. You can’t find that zone all the time, but when you do, if you take advantage of it, extraordinary things can happen. Let’s be honest though, We aint no fuckin’ cats here, there’s no nine lives, and I can’t promise that someone’s gonna be waiting with open arms up on a cloud when we go. But I guess my point here is not to be that person who immediately dismisses something as crazy or out of their reach by laughing at the idea. Have belief in what you’re doing and respect those around you, and no matter how far you go, know that your gave it everything and helped those you care about.

You can die getting in your car every morning and driving to work in peak hour. Maybe smoking should be an “Extreme” Sport, some of those fuckers cheat death over 20 times a day. What if I know the risks of diabetes yet I continue to eat poor foods, you take a risk with every bite, and bullshit aside, decisions in everyday life can catch up to you eventually. So in relation, the fact that people can’t fathom what some highly skilled athletes put themselves through for personal satisfaction might seem odd, but in a world that’s tenderized by mindless bullshit on TV, or the latest music video from someone airbrushed to have the same amount of wrinkles as a cartoon character, I’m not surprised that some people don’t get it. Your life is yours to do whatever you like, and that’s completely up to the individual, I just wish people would respect each other a little more instead of being that voice in their ear all the time telling them no.

After reading all this you might be saying “who the fuck is this guy to tell me how to run my life”, and you would be right. In scientific terms I’m average as fuck, mediocre on a good day, but I choose to acknowledge those that have gone before me who made ground breaking achievements, and use it as motivation to fuel my own ambitions. People say life is short, but the reality is that we could have 80 years on this earth, that’s over 29,000 days of living, and if you’re able to channel your motivation into bettering yourself as a human being just a little bit each day, then crazy, straight up phenomenal shit can and will happen. Some people wake up in the morning and reach for a Latte, others wake up and reach for their dreams.

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